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This program specially designed to improve the educational weaknesses in students with special needs, and school leavers

Aim: to prepare students for AS and A2 exam

  • No age limitation, grades 12
  • Diagnosed as mild Autism, mild dyslexia, mild ADD, Dyscalculia
  • Curriculum includes International Educational Syllabus (AS and A2) for all subjects



half-day program

The program starts 8:30 am to 3 pm

Full-day program

The program starts 8:30 am to 6 pm

Group care up to 3 kids


  • We provide all the subjects of As and A2 level including: Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Economics, Business Studies, Finance, Accounting, Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics, and etc.
  • We recognize that each learner has their individual strengths and needs and that what works for one may not work for another within a similar profile, so we treat each student within a specialized program class
  • The progress of a student in a specialized program class will be monitored regularly and reviewed through the individual and placement process to ensure appropriate placement to support student learning needs.
  • Every topic in every subject will be taught in different methods and mediums (video, audio, short movies, additional books, and etc.) to ensure student has already got the concept and is able to solve the problem and answer the questions in acceptable level.
  • There is no rush and no deadline to finish any topic or any part of the book. Topics will be taught patiently and according to the understanding pace of student.
  • There will be close tie between parents and principal to monitor the progress and find the best solution based on individual student’s needs.
  • We understand the student need to attend special treatment, so we will make specific schedule for each individual

To have a visit to our centre, see our students, how we conduct the classes and previous results of students please make an appointment with Julie 019 509 6607 or drop an email