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  • Each individual student’s learning progress should monitor individually according to the pace of learning.
  • Lessons need to be simplified to their level of understanding in order for them to fully absorb what they need to learn.
  • They may need more time to grasp certain topics; teachers are trained to be able to teach them with multiple teaching methods.
To do that

We provide one to one and small group home schooling program/tuition for
Primary, lower secondary and secondary levels (no age limitation)

To know whether our service is suitable for your child, please follow our easy procedures as bellow:

1 – Begin
If your child struggling in school to cope with the subjects and speed of teaching, it’s important to find out why. It may be that a disability is affecting your child’s educational performance. First step, take the child to psychologist or special centres they can test dyslexia, autism, and ADD/ADHD signs and symptoms.

2 – Educational Assessment
If the result of the above-mentioned test indicates mild/dyslexia, mild/autism, and mild/ADD/ADHD you can contact with us to make an appointment. Please drop a message in watsapp to “019 509 6607” to make an educational assessment appointment.

  • Assessment is free for all the levels and we will assess the child’s knowledge to know more about child
  • By the result of assessment, we will update our teachers what level they should start with child
  • We don’t provide any medicine or treatment. Our focus is just on speech therapy, behaviour therapy and formal international education syllabus

3 – Decision on Home Schooling or Tuition

  • Parents will decide which program is more suitable for their child; we have two home schooling programs: half day 9am-3pm and full day 9am-6pm
  • In Home schooling program timing is quite flexible according to the parent’s convenience
  • Tuition program every evening 4pm-8pm and Sat/Sun anytime between 9am to 5 pm

4 – Assigning Suitable Teachers to Every Individual Student

  • Our subject-based teachers for lower secondary and secondary level are trained regarding teaching method for special children
  • They are patient and kind enough to teach special children
  • Our primary school teachers come from either special education studies and child psychology studies background

5 – Trial One Week Schooling
We understand that changing school is a big decision for students as well as parents. On the other hand, we always want children like our school, teachers and environment here

  • One-week trial classes will be quite enough for students and parents to get to know about:
    • Our teachers
    • Their teaching method
    • How we treat students and
    • School atmosphere

6 – Welcome to the family of Education House
Let’s start new concept of schooling. Classroom accommodation and multisensory instruction, text books, audio, video, and science experiments will help children to understand and memorise the concepts well. We never sacrifice creativity to formal education. Our goal is to help children study happily here and at the end of this journey we will help children to register in final exam to get official IGCSE certificate.